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Summer & Fall 
Basketball Season 2024

This year, we’re diving deeper into basketball fundamentals, mastering body language, and implementing college-level plays. Our fast-paced, high-tempo game reflects elite basketball standards.

If you're ready to train and compete until your high school season starts, register below and fall tryout details will be sent to you via email. Selected participants will compete in tournaments across Alberta and face top provincial programs in competitive exhibition games.

Program Syllabus

2024 Fall Season Overview

The Heritage Elite Fall teams will consist of two ten-player team of boys U15 to U17, focusing on punctuality, perseverance, good work ethics, and teamwork.

Practice Schedule:
- 3 team practices weekly from 8 PM - 10 PM.
- Personalized workout programs for each position.

- Mandatory specialized training monthly.

- Personalized Jump Program

Game Play:
- Tournaments: 2+ Tournaments (Travel)

- 2 exhibition games monthly

- Local League Play

Program Cost (Per Athlete):
Thanks to sponsors, HPAD Basketball covers gym rentals, referees, coaching staff, equipment, and tournament registration fees. Players only pay for travel and accommodation, estimated at $1,200 CAD.

Team Requirements:
- Punctuality & Accountability: Notify coaches or teammates if absent.
- Positive Attitude: Supportive, coachable, and open-minded.
- Teamwork: Prioritize team goals and adapt to roles.
- Effective Communication: Communicate constructively on and off the court.
- Respect: Maintain sportsmanship and integrity.
- Mamba Mentality: Attack challenges with passion, purpose, and perseverance.


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